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Reddit Enhancer : Where are its settings ?

About: Reddit Enhancer
I can't find its settings ...
Where they are ?


  • Have you installed my UserScript Extender? It replaces the usual context-menu with a custom context-menu. In this context-menu you can find various functions for the reddit enhancer along with an item to open the settings.
  • Waterfox
    Yes, but i can't find your settings: Maybe i am blind ;-)
    a screenshot to see where i need to click to see it ?
  • The settings are supposed to be in the context menu see here:

    I will update the scripts now. A lot has changed
  • Waterfox
    Sorry i don't see it...
    it is supposed to be here ?:

  • You have to install the UserScript Extender and the Reddit Enhancer. Afterwards if you right-click anywhere on reddit, the custom context menu will show up with a sub-menu for the reddit enhancer where you can find an entry to open the settings. Sorry but the script is not supported without using the custom context menu.
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