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Where is the HOME button

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pls i dont want to type while im fighting


  • edited April 2018 Chrome
    ikr i havce chrome so their is no home button
  • Why would anyone get a Chromebook.... They are so bad. Get a Windows (Microsoft) keyboard for it. Some Macs have the home button too. It is the button with the Windows Logo for Windows users.

  • @IceHacks

    A year late but whatever your comment pisses me off.

    First off the Home button IS NOT the Windows Logo. It's a separate key near the F1-12 keys and the NumPad. Only certain laptops have this.

    Now... why would anyone get a Chromebook? Not because they're completely tech illiterate, which is what this circle jerk of Chromebook hate seems to be talking about. It's because they're INEXPENSIVE and works just as well as a $600-$2k priced computer as long as whatever you're doing doesn't involve anything other than the browser. Think of this. Why splurge almost a thousand dollars on a comptuer you'll only be using to playing fucking when you can get a computer half the price that does the same thing?

    Chromebooks are not bad. They are meant for a different purpose. Basic web browsing with no bloat. End rant..

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