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Amazon changed strategy - no longer working

About: Amazon Video - subtitle downloader
This was one of the best scripts I have ever had, but, alas, Amazon changed something and it no longer works as of around the 20th of December. It would be great if somehow you could make it functional again. Cheers!


  • As I said in another thread, my trial has ended. No account = no fix.

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    Thank you! Uh-oh.....For me it still doesn't work. At line 42 in the script, I see an error stating "xmlDoc" is used out of scope. I'm not a programmer, but I just checked with Tampermonkey's editor just to be able to give you some info. I hope you still have access to your account.
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    Just like RadioResearch said:
    It doesn't work again.

    In Tampermonkey it only gave an "out of scope"-Warning(But out of scope should be normally be an error instead of an warning )

    in the development tools I got every time when I press "Download subs for this season/episode", an TypeError of the catalog, which is in line 86 (where you fill the epinfo with the reference). I want to download an series and not an movie, by the way. could the library changed too?

    I used v1.4 on tampermonkey. I hope these information helps

    edit: Quick Research of the Bug: The request-url used for download the subtitles miss important information. Because the response looks like this:
    {"errorsByResource":{"CatalogMetadata":{"errorCode":"PRS.InvalidRequest","message":"Cannot complete request.","type":"PRSInvalidRequestException"}},"returnedTitleRendition": [...]Other Stuff that is unimportant, I think[...]}

    I doesn't have enough information about the subtitle get-request of amazon, but there should be more parameters/fixed parameters in the request.

    Or need the system the correct OS? Because I saw in the request that it send the information that I'm on an Linux system but it cannot read the system version.

    I've tested on Chrome and Firefox now.
  • It wasn't a problem with xmlDoc. It's not out of scope. That was some strange error, cookies were mission from request. It worked fine in Greasemonkey but not when run directly in browser, Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Should be fixed in 1.4.1.

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    Hello guys! It seems the script does not work with Prime Video of Brazil ... Can you solve this? Thank you very much!!! ""Edit"" kkkkkkk... I'm sorry, I was an asshole !!! I just saw that it works perfectly !!! Thank you one more time".
  • That doesn't tell me anything. At least send me URL of the show and tell what exactly doesn't work. No download button? Nothing happens after you click it or what?

  • @Tithen-Firion
    Thanks for the information. Today I tested it again and with 1.4 I can download subs, but only from an other series. I think there are some issues with FSK and pin input. I have the pin, but series with FSK cannot be downloaded without writing it.

    I tested "yuuki yuuna", which is because of mistakes on amazons page(should be fsk12 not 18 i guess...). There I cannot download the subtitles.

    Then today I tested it with "kokkoku" and it works without an problem. Because it doesn't use an FSK pin.
  • Well I can't even play "yuuki yuuna" because of geographical restrictions so can't help with that. You can still give me the info I'm asking for in comment above.

  • Sorry @Tithen-Firion that I don't answer anymore. Too much to do on my side.

    Since 1.4.2 all works fine. Thx for your script.
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