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About: KissAnime Downloader

Got it Bro just Modified it and now its Working :D :D


  • OMG!! Thanks bro. We all greatly appreciate the help. You are the true OG. Cannot thank you enough.

  • Wahahahahahaha my Pleasure to help bro BTW whats the meaning og OG?

  • just logged in to say thank you dude. OG = "Original Gangster" but people just use it to compliment someone who's a bro.

  • Hey Dude, first of all, thank you for keeping this script alive,and just Curious, i installed the script and everything is working thing but the the actual download button isn't there, am i missing something?

  • You are amazing, thank you. :)

  • MrMCMXCIX Make another Script bro and Copy the Code Maybe that well help bro :D :D

  • Phileo ahhh now i know :D :D Thnx bro

  • Sam Hart Thnx bro :D

  • @gef I'm Still getting nothing dude, tried it a few times now. It appears for maybe a half second then goes back to what i posted before

  • I also Tried it on Firefox but it was the same, it was there for about a half second then gone

    • Very very thanks for what you did but beta server download get's struck on 1st episode please see what you can do
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