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Why do you Update the script, when it is not working after all??? Check redirect URL pls!!!

About: Simple YouTube MP3 Button
edited January 11 in Script Discussions [?]

I really liked the button before, but it shows 'Page not found' since a year or two.

though seems to be online, the link does not work.
Proof: link

Also sometimes it redirects to WHICH NOW SEEMS TO BE !!! just as a hint

It would be nice, if you could fix this issue, if you do an update :neutral: @Arari

Besides, it was the most convenient method and a real gem. Well other pages provide the option to cut a certain part out of a longer mix f.i., but the convenience was great. I first thought, you plugin doesn't work, because youtube changed their algorithm, but maybe the target url changed? Also I think the quality was better by default, compared to some of the 'popular' services. (I usually do side by side comparisons)

Would hope to see this nice script being alive again!! Best

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