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the "corrector" reports errors - il "correttore" segnala degli errori

About: Kittens tools

I'm not an expert, I understand just a little and I was reading the code of the script to see if I was able to implement other options alone or change any values or other simple things and I noticed that often to the side are shown errors like : 'game' is not defined, '$ I' is not defined, 'cytoscape' is not defined, or other similar.
I am not able to understand what gives that problem but maybe a more experienced person immediately sees the error or maybe understands that it works the same, I would not like for some simple errors of writing maybe a part of the code has not been used and maybe there are also other sections that do not work.
I hope I have explained myself well because I am not English, and I hope I will not waste anybody's time.
some additions like the creation of blueprints would be very cool, but the script is still very useful especially after a new reset.

non sono un esperto di informatica ma ne capisco giusto un poco e stavo leggendo il codice dello scritp per capire se ero in grado di implementare da solo altre opzioni o di cambiare alcuno valori o altre cosette semplici e ho notato che spesso di lato vengono indicati degli errori come: 'game' is not defined, '$I' is not defined, 'cytoscape' is not defined, ed altri di questo tipo.
io non sono in grado di capire cosa dia quel problema ma magari uno più esperto vede subito dov'è l'errore o magari capisce che funziona lo stesso e che è solo stupido il correttore, non vorrei che per dei semplici errori di scrittura magari una parte del codice non venga usata e che magari ci sono alcune sezioni che non funzionano.
spero di essermi spiegato bene e spero di non far perdere tempo a nessuno.
sarebbero fantastiche alcune aggiunte come la creazione di bluprint ma in fondo lo script è comunque molto utile, soprattutto dopo un nuovo reset.


  • What script version do you use?

    While the script is in public, I often use it for testing (so it sometimes does not work).

    Also, you can attach a screenshot of errors.

  • 'game' is not defined - means you use script from wrong place

    '$ I' is not defined - jQuery is not loaded. Use var $ = jQuery;

    'cytoscape' is not defined - @require

  • "some additions like the creation of blueprints would be very cool"

    it is risky to create such expensive resource in auto, especially in start- and mid-game.

    Last versions of script added ability to AutoTrade with Zebras, so with good Marketplaces it is good source of Titan and Blueprints.

    As for me, I create blueprints manually now.

    Also there is another aspect: script does not know what resource you need, it is only controlling of overflows.

  • thanks for answer me:
    > i use the latest version every time possible

    > no problem with the test on the script i was just trying to help find problems to fix

    > i'm at 4° race with only 40 karma and 230 paragon, i need like 9k of bluepint for upgrade a building, now i have a max of 2.5kk of science and a science production of 10k/second with only 5 worker i have to create blueprint manually every 3 minute for 2 hour, now and i have 70k of compendium and it's usleess, but last race i reached 1.2kk (+12kk max science) of compendium so you can imagine if every upgrade of a building need like 40k of blueprint and you had 50 engeneer only on blueprint

    > " 'cytoscape' is not defined - @require "
    sorry but i don't undestanded what i have to do with cytoscape.min.js

    > one last thing but really really important, i just noticed that if i have max iron i create only steel every time possible for coal production but not create plates
    and if i won't create steel but only plate it don't work so i think that something gone wrong with the part of code for create plate, attached a screen shoot for explain better

    thanks of everyting :smiley:

  • ops forgot the screenshoot

  • ok i solved the problem:
    near the end of the code there is a funcion called ironToSteelOrPlates that is wrong and lock the possibility to create plate creating only steel i changed it and all works fine

    anyway why there is a function for create ironToSteelOrPlates when there are 2 funcion the first for create ironToSteel and the other for create ironToPlate?
    the funcion ironToSteelOrPlates is useless

    and many time you write wrote functions like this:

    ironToSteel: function() {
    if (_Helpers.isResourceUnlocked('steel')) {
    var iron = game.resPool.get("iron");
    var coal = game.resPool.get("coal");
    if (iron.value >= iron.maxValue || coal.value >= coal.maxValue) {
    if (coal.value >= 100 && iron.value >= 100) {
    _Helpers.log2('Iron to Steel x ALL');
    but you can just write like that and it's the same because you don't need one other if (coal.value >= 100 when you know that coal.value >= coal.maxValue

    ironToSteel: function() {
    if (_Helpers.isResourceUnlocked('steel')) {
    var iron = game.resPool.get("iron");
    var coal = game.resPool.get("coal");
    if (coal.value >= coal.maxValue && iron.value >= 100) {
    _Helpers.log2('Iron to Steel x ALL');

    but if works there is no problem hahaha so is not so important i changed it for my ouw and work normally but i let him create 10 times plate beam wood and slab more of yours code beacuse my production is too fast and if i produce 700k minerals/sec when i wait half second that it use a little bit of minerals for craft slab every second i lose so much resources so i prefer lose half second every 10 seconds :smile:

  • something really usefull too could be the autocraft of eludium

  • something like that can work right?
    craftEludium: function() {
    var unobtainium = game.resPool.get("unobtainium");
    var alloy = game.resPool.get('alloy');
    var minVal = _Helpers.getMinCraft('eludium');
    if (unobtauinium.value >= unobtainium.maxValue && alloy.value > 2500) {
    _Helpers.log2('craftEludium x ' + (minVal));
    game.craft('eludium', (minVal));

    i don't understand why some times have to use < ' > and some times < " > can you explain me?

  • i don't understand why some times have to use < ' > and some times < " > can you explain me?

    Hah. I use double quotes if it is copied from original game script. I prefer single quotes, maybe I will switch all code to single quotes.

    something really usefull too could be the autocraft of eludium

    I am no so far :) i'm a beginner comparing to you. Need some time to investigate. I think I can add elidium craft.

  • sorry but i don't undestanded what i have to do with cytoscape.min.js

    If you have errors like 'XXX not found' or 'XXX is undefined' or 'Cannot read property XXX of undefined', you can screenshot the console (F12) with this error.

  • i tryied to add the eludium craft or blueprint craft or griffins trade but something not work probably i have not some variable or some game data, i dunno why it not work.
    anyway here the error that i find

  • $I, jQuery, game and game.__proto - this are parts of original Kittens game (current version is

    Here I open console (F12) and asked for this variables (you can see they are all there):

    As for 'citoscape' - this is a third-party script. It is loaded by browser plugin, that supports for Userscripts (in my Chrome it is called Tampermonkey).

    So if you try to use script from different place (not from Tampermonkey, or for different page), it will not find all these variables.

    But if you have Userscript plugin, you can edit code inside it (maybe you use Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey or Violetmonkey or whatever). Right click on extension -> options -> manage userscripts. But in this case you will lose ability to update script in auto.

  • Create new ticket for 'elidiumcraft' with your code suggestion. I will check it on next week.

    I did not get elidium for now, but I can try to add this craft in advance.

  • but i resetted 3° 4° and 5° times since i started using that script 1 week ago how can you be so slow in the game? blueprint is an early game resources for start the titanium era, eludium is not early game but for do something in the space era you will need it and engeneer really can't craft it, anyway if you need some tip for go faster in game ask me :)
    if yuo are at first run reset at 125 kittens after researched concrete hut and if you are not try to teel me how much paragon and karma you have maybe i can suggest you some metaphisics upgrade to buy like reduction price ratio or something like that

  • My stats:
    karma: 48.38
    paragon: 129
    resets: 2

    BTW, I've added option to convert science to Blueprints if your Science at max (not only Compediums) in version 1.171

  • ok perfect the only thing i can tell you is no buy astromancy (50 paragon) at the start probably is cool have more startchart but after 3 or 4 reset when every reset you build min 1 chronospere you will have like 200k startchart for new run and will finish it when you will reach space era so you will have unlimited starchart so probably is one of most useless upgrade with paragon the others are cool but focus on recude price ratio to 2% and all change :) then for reinassance taht cost 750 paragon can wait a few reset and others upgrade first and try have 75/100 burned paragon for maximize the paragon bonus, better burn the last before reset for have a lot for next run

  • @tommaso mavellia написал:
    something really usefull too could be the autocraft of eludium

    Bot version 1.180:
    added Eludium craft (if Unobtainium at max and you have at least 2500 Alloy)

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