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Salvage search order

About: KoC Power Bot Plus

Hi: Great bot thank you for your hard work - any chance of changing the salvage sort order so it starts at the top [unlocked rows] first..?


  • Thanks! Can you explain why this would help?

  • If you have a lot to clean then you get a vast number of "Cannot salvage Simple Advisor of Acumen +0 - Throne room row is still locked
    0 cards salvaged, 0 aetherstone collected since Thu May 16 2019" type messages.

    At autorefresh the script restarts at the bottom, If we started at the top or at least on the bottom unlocked row salvaging would be possible. This is a problem when DF or cresting outstrips the unlocked rows and the number of locked cards times script processing time is greater than the remaining refresh time.

  • Ignore this - I'm a bear of small brain just realised I had keep first 40 switched on and it equals my free space.... whoops...! We need a free row offer soon.

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