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Don't work in the new(?) google search web style

About: Google Search Extra Buttons

Hello ,I like this extra button for Goolge search ,that's amazing function for me! thank you for your great job!
Now I think there's some issues cause the button didn't work on my computer (Win10 /chrome 75 64bit /Tamper monkey )
I noticed that when I scroll down the web page of google search ,there's always the search bar on the top,it's different than before ever, if it's helpful

I dunno why I can't upload the pic ,sorry about that


  • Now I reload 74 to 75 version of chrome (Win7) and latest version 2019.1.11 works normally (2018.12 also). I use it in developer mode with load as unpacked extension (with file nanifest.json in the same folder).

    In your variant script may not work due to:
    1) TamperMonkey not supports in version 75 (check on any another sctipt);
    2) previous installation of specifical extension may not give to start userscript (more often it present in Firefox and addon as NoScript (show comments lower);
    3) in my region Google give old version, but in your region is newer;
    4) any more...

  • The Google search box may have changed and I am happy to report that the search button still works
    Tested on:

    • MS Edge (dev) + Tampermonkey 4.8.41
    • Firefox 68b + Greasemonkey 4.9

    @spmbt greetings in 2019 :)

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