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A dash formats of some video do not work

About: YouTube Links


1080p link not work in this video. check please :'(


  • I tried to upload a screenshot of the video format icons, but it didn't work.

    For this video, I can see the size for 1080p M4V and download it. VP9 shows 0 kB and cannot be downloaded. Is this what you are referring to?

  • Similar.
    This video was uploaded on August 1st and I posted the report on August 7th.
    In the meantime, I was unable to download 1080p M4V.
    It was available for download from around August 10.
    Like you said, the VP9 is still not downloadable.
    Recently, these videos are often found.

  • Hi, I've found the reason.

    Unfortunately, you have to use other tools if you want VP9.

    For these videos, the stream is broken into fragments. This video has 566 fragments! Since the video is only 50 mins, each fragment is only 5.3s. I suspect it is due to live streaming.

    Even if YouTube Links expose the fragments to download, it cannot reassemble them into one stream.

  • thank

  • Thank you for checking. :smiley:

  • edited September 22 [?]

    YouTube Links v2.10 will show "Frag" for segmented videos. At least now you know they cannot be downloaded. :#

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