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Version problem

About: Hack! Wall hack/Aim Bot ✔️ Works! READ BIO FIRST!!! ✔️2019✔️ ✔️Auto fixed BUGS✔️

The version of the game is right now 1.6.6 and ur script is for 1.6.9 I dont understand? also its not working,i followed your steps in bio.It keeps loading like an endless cycle


  • Hello!

    Our script is updating not by the game update just with the new bugs fixing and with adding more codes! we are interested to hear more about how it doesn't work and we will try our best to fix it!

    You can go to your dash board and to remove all your krunker scripts then to install this script again! It might fix your issue if you have a old script witch got patched! If it doesn't still work please contact us again to try our best to fix it as fast we can!

    I'll do a YouTube video how to use it and if it got failed to launch how to fix it in this close days.

    Thanks for your feed back and we hope it will now work for you!

    Best regards

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