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Proposal - better indication of scripts with monetization

Greasy Fork currently allows scripts that include monetization methods (ads, trackers, miners, etc.) as long as these are mentioned in the script's description. This is less than ideal because they could be buried under paragraphs of text.

I propose that there be either a new @ metadata attribute for this or just some additional fields when posting a new script. The site could then use this data to make sure the user is fully informed on install.

The way I envision this would include a "type" of monetization (e.g. "ad") with an optional description (e.g. "Adds an advertisement at the bottom of all pages on").

Any script that has monetization without disclosing in this way would be subject to deletion (after a grace period for all current scripts).

Any thoughts?


  • It would make sense to add a noticeable TLDR (with a link) into the script update/add page so more authors could see it.

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