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Not Working on Individual Item Pages

About: TORN: No Confirm [Preview]

So the script isn't working on individual item pages anymore, It still works from the general item tabs, like for example, the Alcohol Tab but it won't work when in the Bottle of Beer tab. Add me on discord if you want to learn more RazeWolfy#1337


  • I do not get what you mean with 'individual item pages' but as you said item and tabs, I assumed 'Items' and using.

    I tested it in both Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey and both worked.
    I switched multiple tabs and tried different items and did not find anything that didn't work.

    • Did you check that it is enabled for you? (top part of the code under it should say 'usage: true' or 'usage: false' where false means it's disabled)
    • Which script manager do you use? (probably Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey)
    • Which browser on which operating system? (ex. Google Chrome on Windows 10, in case of Firefox I would also like to know the version due to a recent update)

    Your discord wasn't found.
    In game: DeKleineKobini [2114440]
    Discord: DeKleineKobini#5640

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