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Webhooks for custom event like "Branch or tag creation"

edited March 2 in Greasy Fork Feedback Kinza

Trying to use Branch or tag creation event in the webhook options on github fails to deliver the payload with a 406 Not Acceptable status from GF.

I don't want to use the default Push event because it becomes a big problem if you publish on github or a similar site to provide a way to collaborate and test the master branch. For small-time fish like a userscript this is the easiest method as opposed to the more mature PR approach. However, a single commit may easily break something, which is why the master branch is considered a "trunk", "bleeding edge", "nightly". Then a tag is used to mark a point in the master branch where the code was tested enough to be released.

It'd be helpful if GF could use webhooks for a custom event like Branch or tag creation.
Its JSON request looks like this:

  "ref": "1.2.3",
  "ref_type": "tag",
  "master_branch": "master",
  "description": ".......",
  "pusher_type": "user",
  "repository": { more or less same as push },
  "sender": { more or less same as push }


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