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control more than 2 tanks

About: HueHanaejistla's Multiboxing Script [Preview]

this script works Great! if you want to multibox, this is one of the best scripts

Can it multibox 3-4 tanks?

(if you can, it would be really convenient if it auto-copied the party link)


  • yes, this script works with as many as you want lol
    i tested it with 60 tanks once and it worked ok besides the lag

    You need a VPN extension to do more than 2 tanks, but good luck finding one that works because most of them got blocked by Zeach ('s developer)

    Also I don't know how to automatically get the party link other than reading the party link packet being sent by the game, and adding that feature to this script would probably add another 200 or 300 lines of code and not make it as streamlined.

    You can, however, just copy the link just before you join the game, it still works that way.

  • Thank you so much!!
    I got it to work with 3 tanks once but the lag was horrible
    Thanks for the quick reply

  • could you recommend a VPN to use?

  • Touch VPN works the best for me, but I don't know if it will work for you, because my friend can't get that one to work. If you can find it, Betternet VPN is a good one.

  • do you use it as an extension form the chrome web store or did you download the app?

  • extension from chrome store
    don't use VPNs that require you to download them, because they reset your connection everytime you switch to a new place, which disconnects your tanks

  • i somehow edited this script and it works on and!
    btw, it works!

  • Both TouchVPN and Bettternet do not work for me.
    Has anyone had any success with using VPNs recently?

  • Touch VPN works fine for me on Firefox, not sure if the chrome edition works, but according to those who use chrome ZenMate is a good one

    ask around in here if you are still confused

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