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Script reviews and non-functional scripts

Scripts that violate the rules can be reported from the feedback tab. This includes malware, spam, unauthorized copies, and more. Once a report is received, Greasy Fork moderators will review it and delete the script if appropriate.

One thing that's not against the rules is a script that simply doesn't work. If you've tried a script and it doesn't work at all, we suggest you post a review (again from the feedback tab) and explain the problem. The script author can read this feedback and post an update or provide support.

Unfortunately, some authors do not respond to bad reviews and so we're left with non-functional scripts on the site. To fix this, we've put in a change to give your reviews a little more teeth.

If a script receives 3 consecutive bad reviews since its last update, and the script author has not replied to any of those reviews, we will automatically email a notice to the author of the script. This notice informs them of that fact and tells them that they need to either post an update or respond to the reviews. If they do not do so after 2 weeks, their script will be soft-deleted. The author can undelete later if they wish.

Hopefully this will increase the quality of scripts on this site and give you more reason to provide feedback (positive or negative). Please note that creating multiple accounts to post multiple reviews on a script is not allowed - if you notice this happening, let a moderator know.


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