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New comment/review method for scripts

Greasy Fork currently uses Vanilla as a forum solution, with many customizations to enable script reviews and such. Vanilla was initially chosen as it is a mature forum solution, requiring little work for a lot of features.

The downside is that the integration between the forum and the rest of the site is not 100%. There are many things that don't work correctly, or at all, when the two are put together. As a result, Greasy Fork will be moving to a built-in-house forum solution.

The first phase of this has just been launched. Any scripts that do not have discussions in the Vanilla-based forum will now have any new discussions in the in-house forum. All previous functions of these discussions, including notifications and reviews, should be working.

Please let us know if you see any issues. Once we have more confidence in this solution, we will be migrating script discussions in Vanilla to the new system.


  • q1kq1k
    edited May 11 Chrome

    Two things,
    1. please don't change the design
    2. maybe you can add official dark mode? (i don't care about this tbh)

    Also, would be nice to have language preference, so any notification or link from user with different language would be shown/redirected with our preferred language.

  • The design is going to match that of the rest of the site.

    Email notifications in the new forum will have the correct language.


    That page will get lots of updates, but posting it now so you can see what the script discussions look like.

  • Move all discussions about a script in its script info page is a god idea.

    About the General discussion list :

    One line for each discussion?
    Not so comfortable to read quickly and make difference between:
    Script name, title discuss, etc .
    Maybe in 2 lines should be more readable?:
    One for script name
    Another for the Tile of the discussion etc..

  • Yeah, it'll look nothing like that in the end. I just threw something together quickly.

  • ;-)
    so, wait and see...

  • github-style reactions to comments please?

  • I've added a Preview link to discussions made on the Vanilla forum so you can see what they would look like when converted to the new forum solution. Let me know if you see any issues.

    The Preview link is at the top of the discussion, under the title, next to the script name.

  • I do not wanna be that user, that never wants the forum design to change.

    (And sincerely, I do not want managing the forum to become a chore or burden to the mods.)


    Please be cautious of downscaling too much the viewing experience.

    Maybe this is a quirk of my browser setup, but this is what I see with current design:

    and with Preview:

    As can be seen, the current View gives alot more vision info:

    • The sidebar is awesome!
      (Sure, I'll be the first to agree that everything from the Categories box and below is fluff.)

    • Seeing the thread's rating is useful.

    • Seeing avatars is entertaining.
    • Why does the discussion Title in Preview not match the current view?
    • No permalinks to individual comments in Preview??
    • I do like the directional links in Preview header (the separate link back to the feedbacks section is redundant); notice the Current view link goes back to the Info page - a quirk that Preview corrects.
    • (Not shown) The bookmark & Options icons are in the upper-right of Current.
    • etc. etc.
  • @wOxxOm said:
    github-style reactions to comments please?


  • @Azazello said:
    Please be cautious of downscaling too much the viewing experience.

    What I've done so far is specifically for discussions on scripts, so it's "scaled down" in the sense that it's made to fit in with the layout for that script (as you noted). I intend the non-script discussions to have a sidebar with categories and such.

    • Seeing the thread's rating is useful.

    That's already there (in text form).

    • Seeing avatars is entertaining.

    Meh, I think it's noise.

    • Why does the discussion Title in Preview not match the current view?

    I've fixed this to have the same title as the feedback list for that script. Note that these script discussions don't have titles.

    • No permalinks to individual comments in Preview??

    If by "permalink" you mean a link with an anchor for a specific comment... I've just added that.

  • I would also like to see avatars there.

    Comments from new system are not showing up in "Discussions on your scripts" section.

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