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[Feature request] Possibility to receive URL links from IMDB movie names

About: IMDB List Importer [Preview]
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Hello sir, and everyone.
Your script was incredibly usefull, and it could be usefull even more with 1 feature request.

Adding 1 checkbox to import list of film names and receive URL of this movies from imdb.

This is required for 1 reason: many movie agregators don't have direct imdb links or other version to link they database with IMDB database, therefore if I have my movie list from some webpage that i used before, and i want to upload all this movies with ratings to IMDB - I simply can not do that because IMDB adds movie ONLY when URL is specified (not movie ID, not movie name).

Basically now i have this
Name Rating
Matrix 10
Inception 9
Avengers 7

What i want to get is

Now I can merge Names + URL + Rating and make transfer.


  • This is tricky, because there can be different movies with the same name. This is why I've implemented only import by id in the first place. But the default form for adding movies uses this. It first asks the server for all titles that have name similar to the one given by the user. The server returns a list of names and id's. Then the user selects the wanted title out of this list. Afterwards, the browser sends an id to the server to add the corresponding title.

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    thx for answer,
    ok couple of question here:

    1. Is it possible to import/add YOUR RATINGS (lets say i prepare a csv file and input data on YOUR RATINGS column AND the movie did not have MY rating before
    2. Which data is better to use during import URL or ID ? Seems that both work

    P.S. I was manage to install DB SQL, so i will deal with my 2500 movie list separatelly (I hope :D)

    1. Yes, it is possible to also automatically add ratings. It does not matter whether the rating was already set or not. If it was set, it will be changed; if it was not, it will be set. But I have not implemented it for some reason, even so it does not seem to be that complicated.
    2. If csv import is NOT used, then it makes no difference whether to use URL or ID. Since URL already has an ID inside, the script just extracts it. It does not even matter what is the actual text, since the script would just look for valid IDs inside and add them. But if you import csv, then a valid ID is required in the 'const' field. Descriptions and, if I implement it, ratings would only be possible to add in the csv import mode.
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