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Wow, update for the individual script page!?

The metadata block and the additional info body should be separated visually for better browsability in my opinion.
If you want the additional info to be plain look on its page, the metadata block is better to have island-ish look.

And before the update, I had worried about the screenshot section at the bottom of the page which was separated by its additional body section. It had looked alone, rather seemed to be advertisement images with its small size.
Now the screenshot section is visually combined with addtional info section, so I can add a label like "Screenshots:" at the bottom of the additional info section more naturally. But I feel it's tricky a bit.

By the way, which is better for such a post like this, this forum or the issue on the github?


  • Usually GitHub is better for stuff like this.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "island" - if you could throw together some CSS or alter it and take a screenshot, then that'd be helpful.

  • Okay.
    Then I mean, just like this:
    (not only island-ish metadata block but also with "Screenshot:" label trick)

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