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Hi, the script stopped working

About: openload
Everything works fine except the download link, it doesn't give you a download link

This is the error :

We know you’re looking for water,
But sorry dude, this is a desert!

Can you fix it ?


  • Updated. Please, change your rate to "Good" if you like the script. Thanks.
  • edited December 2017 Chrome
    Thank you , Awesome !! the best plugin for openload.

    I changed to Good Rating
  • Good
  • Needs an update, please.

  • New domain. Updated.

  • Thank you for the update. :)

  • ATAT

    Need an update, please. Thank yuo.

  • Seems that they never give up... Yeah, another domain to the list.

  • edited May 2019 [?]

    Can anybody teach me to be better at javascript programming... I am talking about advanced concepts such as cyclic iteration (which I know is pointless)... like I just learned about constants and arrow function from ecma6

  • ATAT

    @leoncastro said:
    Seems that they never give up... Yeah, another domain to the list.

    New domain. Script needs to be updated. Thanks!

  • I am bored updating the domains. Updated with an extended TLD. Hope it lasts for a while.

  • ATAT
    edited June 2019 [?]

    Edit: NM, my AV was being an issue.

  • Sorry, now it doesn't work.

  • I currently have not issues with openload links. The only problem is to find links that are still alive.
    Too many sites switched their links to other services like verystream, streamango, skyvids, etc.
    @AT, send me a message with the link, so I can check it.

  • Hi Leon, I haven't had a chance to get back to you til now. I did some testing and realized the extension I was using, Violent Monkey, hadn't been updated in a while. I tried out GreaseMonkey but they've been lax about updating that to work with Quantum. I installed Tamper Monkey and found it to work with anything I threw at it including this script. So, my bad dude.

    I'm under the impression a lot of those other services are owned by the same people as OL, because I remember one or two of those names coming up in domains a long time ago when I used IDM to download stuff. Though in any case IDM is worth its cost to be able to download those without much hassle.

  • Don't forget that this script is only marked as compatible with:

    • Firefox with GreaseMonkey until version 3.17
      Sorry, not working properly with versions 4.0 or 4.1, and not tested with newer versions.

    • Firefox or Chrome with TamperMonkey
      Any version from 4+, yeah!

    Not tested with ViolentMonkey.

    I used to have GM, but since I use TM I have no problems so I think it works better.

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