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  • From github: On June 14th Google updated Meet with changes to the Tiled view, breaking the Grid View extension. I quickly diagnosed the issue and released a fix as v1.36. However I did not test this fix in a large meeting, which led to browsers han…
  • To uninstall duplicate grid views, please visit chrome://extensions and click "remove" next to the other grid view extensions. A visual guide can be found at T…
  • Userscript: Chrome: Firefox:…
    in código Comment by Fugiman June 5
  • Click the update button on
    in Grid view Comment by Fugiman June 3
  • Click the "reinstall" button
  • Please ensure you're not running any other grid view extensions and that you're using the latest version (v1.32). If you're still having issues please share a screenshot and any lines in the devtools console starting with [google-meet-grid-view]
    in Gridview Comment by Fugiman May 26
  • On May 23rd around 1pm (US Pacific Time) Google updated Meet in a way that broke Grid View, resulting in users seeing a list rather than a grid. I have release v1.31 that fixes Grid View to work with Google's new code.
  • You can record a meeting while using Grid View, but it will not affect the recording. In other words, the recording won't show a grid. This is because Grid View only affects your local view and the recording is done on Google's servers.
  • If Google Meet Grid View is not working for you: * Please ensure you are on Google Meet (Hangouts will NOT work). The URL should start with * Ensure you are in a meeting. It will not run when creating a meeting or in the pre-join pa…
  • As you mention, moving videos to account for the bottom bar was implemented in v1.24. Sorting by last name is not possible as I do not know the participant's last name. More discussion around sorting can be found in this github issue: https://githu…
  • The grid will reorder as people join and the grid resizes anyway, and I don't want to clutter the menu with a bunch of options, so for now I'm not going to add additional sorting options. You could try Screen Capture Mode which reduces reordering, b…
  • Participants are always ordered by name alphabetically. There is no way to re-arrange them other than pinning an individual, which will make their video larger and move them to the top left.
  • I wasn't very satisfied with my answer, so I spent some time tonight to see if I could fix safari, even if it wouldn't be quite as good as other browsers. Unfortunately, Tampermonkey on Safari simply can't inject scripts into Google Meet since Safar…
  • No, Safari doesn't properly support CSS grids, so it isn't worth getting the script to work on Safari.
  • If you're using ViolentMonkey on FF I just patched an issue for that extension in v1.23. Otherwise please let me know what userscript extension you use, I've tested TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey and GreaseMonkey on Firefox and all should work as of v1…
  • It seems to work fine for me. Please make sure you're using v1.18 and let me know if it's still not working.
  • Hi, thanks for your report. The latest version (v1.18) should fix this! It was caused by an update by Google.
  • Hi, thanks for your report. The latest version (v1.18) should fix this!
  • It is open source but I will not use a license that allows for redistribution.
  • Simply disabling the grid view with the button in the top-right should remove any performance impact it has. If you're still having issues you can disable the script entirely by clicking on the tampermonkey extension icon while on an…
  • Mac+Firefox+GreaseMonkey worked fine for me so I'm unsure what the issue might be. If you're able to find anything let me know!
  • In my tests it should typically take under 200 microseconds regardless of the size of the meeting. Reading the screen size and DOM is fairly cheap, and most of the time it doesn't actually change any properties (which is what's expensive). In the ti…
  • I'm trying to keep this focused on visual changes only, and detecting the organizer and affecting the state of the meeting for people without the extension seems difficult, so unfortunately I won't be able to implement that feature.
  • If you are on windows it should work. If you are on linux you may need to increase the window height or zoom out. The javascript hooks don't seem to work on linux+firefox and I'm unable to debug why as I don't have a linux machine.
  • There's no way for my script to do that, but you can join the meeting twice and one of them could not enable grid view so that the presentation takes up the full screen.
  • The latest version of the script should show the presenter as larger, but not full screen. If you need full screen I recommend disabling grid view for the time that you want to see the presentation.
  • I've set greasyfork to automatically import changes from but that results in the not-very-useful changelog :( I may stop using the auto-sync feature but in the mean time you can use the commit histor…
  • This script does not gather any information, it is purely cosmetic.
  • Hey Ryan, that's awesome, glad it's helping! I've uploaded the source code to and will accept issues & PRs there, but I'm unsure if I'll accept features not directly related to the grid-view aspe…
  • Thanks for the feedback! Since I've mostly used it in silent calls I hadn't seen this behavior. I've just uploaded v1.3 that sorts the videos by participant name to avoid reordering. Hope that solves the problem! Adding additional effects like high…