Oceanar.io bots PRIVADO NOX was reported 2022-01-07 as an unauthorized copy of .io & Agar.io Clone Bots - 2022.

.io & Agar.io Clone Bots - 2022 does not specify a license, which means distributing copies is not allowed unless explicit permission is given.

The reporter said:

Copied all the code in my old script and just revised the version

Script License Created Updated
Reported Oceanar.io bots PRIVADO NOX N/A 2022-01-02 22:51:10 UTC 2022-01-03 03:57:33 UTC
Original .io & Agar.io Clone Bots - 2022 N/A 2021-10-02 04:08:52 UTC 2022-01-08 00:10:43 UTC

Trap Power NCS (the reported user) has made:

This report has been upheld by a moderator.

Confirmed, the fist version of the reported script has also a link to the discord channel of the original author. The link has been replaced in the next versions of the reported script.