Cam4 Clean

removes all add's

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Clean up cam4

Cam4 is an adult site and you must be 18+

-Removes all add's
-Resize the webcam (pull the little triangle in the right corner)
-Open the webcam in full screen
-Show the number of votes in the rating stars
-removes the age confirm screen

the script is made for free users and it may or may not work for gold users
will check for updates once per session (when logged in)

no external libraries like Jquery are used

V1.1 now also for Opera (violentmonkey) and Chrome (tampermonkey)
(in chrome and opera you can not make the player smaller as the initial size , you can in firefox)

V1.2 cam4 is also busy with their own resizeable webcam (probably only for gold users) , this update will prevent
future problems

V1.3 due to major change on cam4 no more resizeable window but there are more add's removed

V1.4 Zoom and full screen functions are back. The functions will be active 10 sec. after page load. To exit full
screen mouse click the video. Zoom and full screen are only active if logged in.

V1.5 New layout on cam4 (under some circumstances) , this version works on both

V1.6 Full screen button restored

V1.61 temporary fix for new layout (loading visible) better update will be later (with new functions)

V1.70 removed cam4's resize and added my own, chat+cam full width, full screen with chat, exit normal full screen with a key press (mouse click did not work in opera)

V1.80 some add's showed up , made better add removal. no more update by script, GM should update by itself

V1.90 fix for new cam4 layout

V2.0 cam4 is switching between 2 layouts , this version works on both

V2.1 small change on cam4 stopped the script , fixed it

V2.2 remove the big promo banner on top of the screen

v2.3 script stopped due to a change on cam4 , fixed it

V2.4 cam4 now using HTTPS

v3.0 complete new code.
I did not update this script for a long time and it did not work in many configurations
now it should work with greasemonkey too.
there was also too many overhead and useless code in it
functions in the version:
-remove the adverts and go gold pop-ups
-enable theater mode (with new button)
-show the number of votes in the ranking
It's made for free users and i don't know how it will work for gold users
cam4 got a lot of adverts and it's terrible coded ......
if it stops working i do need feedback to correct it !!!!

-positive feedback is also appreciated !! ----

in video banner removed