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Shows all pages at once in online view for these sites: Asura Scans,Flame Scans, ComiCastle, DisasterScans, Dynasty-Scans, FoOlSlide, Funmanga, HatigarmScans, KomiRaw, Leitor, LHTranslation, MangaHaus,Isekai Scan,Comic Kiba,Zinmanga,mangatx,Toonily,Mngazuki,ReaperScans, MangaDex, MangaDoom, MangaFreak, MangaFox, MangaHere, MangaHub, MangaInn, MangaKakalot,MangaNelo, MangaLyght, MangaNato, MangaPark, MangaSee,Manga4life, MangaTown, NineManga, RawDevart, ReadComicsOnline, ReadManga Today, SenManga

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  • /^(?!.*jaiminisbox).*\/read\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?mangapark.(com|me|org|net)\/(manga|chapter)\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(manganelo|mangakakalot).com\/chapter\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(tmofans|lectortmo|followmanga).com\/.+\/.+\/(paginated|cascade)/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(asurascans|flamescans).(com|org)\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(mangahub).io\/chapter\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(komiraw).com\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/.{3,4}?(mangafreak).net\/Read.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/comic\/.+\/[0-9]+.*/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/manga\/.+\/chapter-.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/chapters\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/.+\/[0-9]+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/comics\/.+\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/manga\/.+\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/read.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/chapter\/.+(\/.+)?/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/.+\/[0-9]+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/manga\/.+\/.+\//
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/manga\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/.+\/[0-9]+(\/[0-9]*)?/
  • /https?:\/\/\/series\/.+\.html/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/manga\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/chapter\/.+\/.+\.html/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/comic\/.+\/.+\//
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/comic\/.*\/[0-9]*/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/.+\/[0-9.]+(\/[0-9]*)?/
  • /https?:\/\/\/.+\/.+\/?/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/leitor\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?\/chapter.*/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(manganato|readmanganato).com\/manga-\w\w\d+\/chapter-\d+/
  • /https?:\/\/.+\/(manga|series)\/.+\/.+/
  • /https?:\/\/(www.)?(mangasee123|manga4life).com\/read-online\/.+/

Manga OnlineViewer


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Adult Reader
Official Source: GitHub

Supported Browsers

Firefox and Chrome with Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Other Browsers with other add-ons may also work, but not officially supported.

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MangaOnlineViewer helps speed up reading by loading all pages(images) from the current chapter of the manga on one page in a list type structure. Please note on a few sites, MangaOnlineViewer may use more resources. Only open one tab for each site at a time and wait for the page to completely load. I will try to keep this script updated, however I hardly-ever visit some of the sites supported. If the script no longer works for a site, then post the problem in the Issues/Feedback area, and have patience.

I allow this script to be posted or used anywhere as long as I am given credit and provided a link to this site. I allow parts of my script to be used freely.

Supported Manga Sites

Supported Comic Sites

Supported Hentai Sites

Adult Script available only on Github


Numpad 5//: Open Settings
Numpad +/=: Global Zoom in pages (enlarge)
Numpad -/-: Global Zoom out pages (reduce)
Numpad //9: Global Restore pages to original
Numpad */0: Global Fit window width
V: Vertical Mode
C: WebComic Mode
N: Right to Left Mode
B: Left to Right Mode
/D/Numpad 6/. : Next Chapter
/A/Numpad 4/, : Previous Chapter
/W/Numpad 8: Scroll Up
/S/Numpad 2: Scroll Down


  • View Modes:
    • Vertical [Default]
    • WebComic
    • Fluid Left to Right
    • Fluid Right to Left
  • Bookmarks Pages (To resume reading)
  • Full Themes and Customizable
  • Global and Individual images zoom
    • In(Global one may stretch images beyond window width)
    • Out
    • Restore original(Toggle fit width if oversized)
    • Fit width
    • Fit width if oversized[Default on]
    • Fit Height (with scroll pages)
    • Hide
  • Auto reload Images
    • Counter for loaded Images
    • Individual image reload, just in case
  • HotKeys
  • Goto Page
  • Image Loading TimerDefault 1s
  • Thumbnails Navigation[Default on]
  • Download all images as ZIP File[Automatic Default off]
  • Lazy Load Images[Default off]

Rules For adding new Manga Sites

  1. The site must have rare/unique mangas (Meaning: it's not available in other sites, or is a better quality)
  2. The site must be strong enough or else my script may crash it
  3. The site must not be exclusive to a handful of manga titles (Meaning: no small scanlators)


In case the owner/admin of one of the supported sites does not want my script to run on their site, I will make it disabled by default. Forcing users to manually activate it.