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This adds a button to pornhub channel pages to get links to all videos

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Get ALL the channel videos!!!

This script adds a button to pornhub channel pages which says 'Get all video links' and does exactly that. This is useful if you want to download all those videos but your downloadmanager doesn't have a scraper/plugin for pornhub pornstar pages but does support pornhub video links.

What it does technically

The channel pages use a simple pagination by appending ?page=1 to the url. This script calls all the pages with a simple GET request and then parses the links and names using a simple querySelector to get to the a tags. If a GET request returns a 404 it assumes that the last page in the pagination was reached and stops. The parsed links are then collected, printed to the console and a kind of modal panel with all the links is added to the document body. If a GET request returns a 429 the script waits a second and then tries that request again. In a loop. Forever. Or at least till the server decides, that there are not too many requests any more.

Known bugs

  • There should be a loading graphic showing up if you click the button, but for some reason it doesn't