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Open the menu in HaremHeroes(topright) to toggle AutoControlls. Supports AutoSalary, AutoContest, AutoMission, AutoQuest, AutoTrollBattle, AutoArenaBattle and AutoPachinko(Free), AutoLeagues, AutoChampions and AutoStatUpgrades. Messages are printed in local console.

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Posted: 2019-10-20

Anyway to force the buy comb?

Anyone can help?

If theres a lot of girls in the event that you havent gotten yet, how can i change the script to force buy comb before the 16 hour limit where it buy comb when the options are toggled? (back then i just had to change the timer value to more than 16 hours so that it works earlier and would work in this case but changes in script to optimize it has been made, dont know which version to rollback to also to do this method and dont want to break whatever processes that is optimized now.)

Posted: 2019-10-21

I researched and was in v4.150 that the 16 hour timer was set.

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