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Open the menu in HaremHeroes(topright) to toggle AutoControlls. Supports AutoSalary, AutoContest, AutoMission, AutoQuest, AutoTrollBattle, AutoArenaBattle and AutoPachinko(Free), AutoLeagues, AutoChampions and AutoStatUpgrades. Messages are printed in local console.

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Posted: 2019-12-03

Auto-leagues doesn't work on mobile

The script get stuck in auto leagues page (it select the next player to challenge but does not proceed to the fight screen) probably because it doesn't recognise the mobile interface that is different from the PC one, activating desktop mode on mobile browser doesn't work

Is there a way to fix it?

Dorten DAuthor
Posted: 2019-12-06

The problem is, that the game chooses interface based on screen size, and I'm a bit short on free time to actually look into this problem rn. You can try changing your mobilr browser scaling, to maybe fool the game into using bigger interface?

Posted: 2019-12-07

I create a very basic script. I hope that help. https://greasyfork.org/scripts/393427-haremheroes-mobile-viewport-change Apparently need reload the site to work.

Posted: 2019-12-07
Edited: 2019-12-07

Before: After:

Posted: 2019-12-10

Unfortunately neither the scaling nor the script posted by Jaraya seemed to work on my mobile (tried on a Huawei and on a Xiaomi device, both using Kiwi, the only android browser I know that supports tampermonkey)

But thank you both for the answer, I will wait and maybe watch the html code myself to see if I can find something, I forgot most of what I learned in school but I can't tell if I don't try.

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