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Open the menu in HaremHeroes(topright) to toggle AutoControlls. Supports AutoSalary, AutoContest, AutoMission, AutoQuest, AutoTrollBattle, AutoArenaBattle and AutoPachinko(Free), AutoLeagues, AutoChampions and AutoStatUpgrades. Messages are printed in local console.

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Review: OK - script works, but could use improvement

Hello, I have the same problem as "OldRon1977" when the Script tries to make the Pachinko function, the Chrome hangs, it is necessary to restart the Chome and turn off the AutoPachinko (free) function, this comes as a result of the "Patch Notes Week # 30 "that went up on 07/22/2020, in which they quickly put:
Bug fixes
Mythic Pachinko
° Fixed a bug where after getting the last girl in the pool in Mythic
pachinko the buttons didn’t disable
° Notification when receiving an answered to a ticket
° Receiving a notification when you’ve received a reply from support was delayed from last week 29 to week 30

I hope someone can correct the Bug, Thanks.

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