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Open the menu in HaremHeroes(topright) to toggle AutoControlls. Supports AutoSalary, AutoContest, AutoMission, AutoQuest, AutoTrollBattle, AutoArenaBattle and AutoPachinko(Free), AutoLeagues, AutoChampions and AutoStatUpgrades. Messages are printed in local console.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2020-10-01
Edited: 2020-10-03
(FIXED I think)Pachinko Free. First I apologize for my English, made in google translate. How do I solve it? Take as a reference the other pachinko function that did work and add 1 variables and a "stop" inside the "while" so that it does not get looped, thus preventing the game from freezing. It is not the ideal solution but it worked for me, I am sure it can be optimized more, I hope that someone who knows a little more can help.

Change the whole function "var getPachinko = function()" start on the line 1294 to 1334

For this:

var getPachinko = function(){
try {
// Not at Pachinko screen then goto the Pachinko screen.
console.log("Navigating to Pachinko window.");
else {
console.log("Detected Pachinko Screen. Fetching Pachinko");
var butt1;
var counter=0;
while (butt1===undefined && (counter++)<250)
console.log('to great');
if ($('#playzone-replace-info button[free="0"]')[0])
console.log('Not ready yet');
butt1=$('#playzone-replace-info button[free="1"]')[0].click();
var npach;
for(var e in unsafeWindow.HHTimers.timers){
if(unsafeWindow.HHTimers.timers[e].$elm && unsafeWindow.HHTimers.timers[e].$elm.selector.startsWith(".pachinko_change"))
if(npach !== undefined || npach !== 0)
catch (ex) {
console.log("Could not collect Great Pachinko... " + ex);

Let me know if it worked too.

Edit: For version 4.353 of the script
Posted: 2020-10-02
Edited: 2020-10-02
To change the "undefined" in AutoTrolbattle to the correct name:

Find line 1931 and replace this:
var Trollz=["Latest","Dark Lord","Ninja Spy","Gruntt","Edwarda","Donatien","Silvanus","Bremen","Finalmecia","Roko Senseï","Karole","Jackson\'s Crew","Pandora witch"];
For this
var Trollz=["Latest","Dark Lord","Ninja Spy","Gruntt","Edwarda","Donatien","Silvanus","Bremen","Finalmecia","Roko Senseï","Karole","Jackson\'s Crew","Pandora witch","Nike"];

Edit: PD:The line number may vary depending on how much the original code was modified
Edit2: For version 4.353 of the script.
Posted: 2020-10-03
Hola Tucho1m, no soy programador y no tengo idea de como programar Scripts pero no pusiste los espacios requeridos antes de cada linea de comandos, seria genial si pudieras subir como imagen el código, para ver los espacios, ya que si lo copio y pego como esta me altera el Script y al no ser yo programador no se cuantos espacios deba tener cada linea ya que son comandos diferentes y son 4 lineas menos en el código nuevo.
de antemano muchas gracias, te pongo ejemplo abajo con la secuencia original de la versión 4.353


Hello Tucho1m, I am not a programmer and I have no idea how to program Scripts but you did not put the required spaces before each command line, it would be great if you could upload the code as an image, to see the spaces, since if I copy and paste it as This alters the Script and since I am not a programmer I don't know how many spaces each line should have since they are different commands and there are 4 lines less in the new code.
Thank you very much in advance, I give you an example below with the original sequence of version 4.353

By Google Translate

Posted: 2020-10-08
Thank you so much Tucho1m!!!

We desperately need people like you around since the aithor is on a break. I hope you will be able to support the script in the future as well.
Posted: 2020-10-10
Thanks for the help and fixes, you provided KevoNeo!

Arey ou planning to take over and providing some more development, since it looks like DortendD has abandoned this script.
I can provide ideas and testing, but I am not a coder ;)

Posted: 2020-10-10
Edited: 2020-10-10
Hi, I'm not going to take over the project, sorry, I don't have that much time, and I don't understand much of the DortendD code either, what I'm doing is trial and error. Now I'm struggling with the autoPoPower (auto places of power) it's almost finished, it works, but it does it in 3 tries and I don't like that .. I'm trying new things and I still can't find the problem .. I don't have much time to dedicate either. These days I will be publishing the code for whoever wants it, and I could also fix the pachi mithyc time that did not take it correctly, but the same as before as I do not understand the code much, something is missing since a message appears in the console: Could not collect ... but get the correct time.

Very little left for auto Places of Power. :)
Posted: 2020-10-10
Thanks for your input for the project :)

I would like to test the code :)
Posted: 2020-10-11
@Tucho1m I would appreciate the autoPoPower a lot!! I don't mind if it takes 3 tries or even 10 tries, lol, even that actually sounds very good in my book.
If you can, please publish the code.
Posted: 2020-10-14
Fix for Pachinko works for me :)

Thanks a lot!

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