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Posted: 2021-04-05
Can we get an option to mark something to be read (in the future), Helps prevents having a lot of tabs open and can assist in catching up in stuff I haven't read yet, once I read it I can just click the button to remove it from the listing/database.
Posted: 2021-04-05
I've thought about this... My thinking was that it's not worth the dev time when you can do the same thing with a bookmark folder fairly easily. In fact, I too have a "Read later" bookmark folder.

With the browser's bookmark bar enabled, drag and dropping the url to a folder there is very fast and easy. Any good browser will also automatically set the bookmark's name to the page title.
Of course, having a feature like that built in to NHI would still be better, I'm just not all that sure it's worth my time.

I'll keep it in mind though. If I feel like it at some point, I might add it.

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