Xhamster Widescreen - New Design v.263

Wide Xhamster on large screen (1920x1080) ONLY...

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  • xhamster.com
  • xhcdn.com
  • http://ept.xhcdn.com
  • http://ep0.xhcdn.com
  • http://ep1.xhcdn.com
  • http://ep3.xhcdn.com
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  • xhamsterlive.com

My code was too long, so i use to minify it:
Online CSS Minifier

Find it too in (2021.11 - new link after deletion) :
Xhamster Widescreen - New Design[Userstyles.World - USw]

Find it too in:
Xhamster Widescreen - New Design (UserCSS) [Greasyfork]
Or if not logged to GreasyFork :
Xhamster Widescreen - New Design (UserCSS) [SleazyFork]
For a better effect, you need to enable the Night template of Xhamster.

You can use with it:
- NEW Adaptation for:
XHamster GX:
Plays all video thumbnails without a mouseover, also cleans up some elements

- Xhamster Progressbar Updater:
Show and Animate the Video ProgressBar even when it's supposed to be hidden.

- Xhamster Middle Click Search (fork of "Youtube Middle Click Search" by Adrien Pyke:
Middle clicking the search icon on Xhamster opens the results in a new tab

- Xhamster - Video Auto Infinite Replay:
As the title say, Video Auto Infinite Replay.... :-)

- Xhamster COLLECTION LIST for XHAM New design 2020
My own list of Xhamster collections (+4800 pornstars and categories)

You can use too:
- Video Speed Buttons:
but you need edit the script to support Xhamster.

The code to add in the "// Multi-purpose Loader (defaults to floating on top right)" section:

// Xhamster NEW DESIGN 2022.05
"#video-tags-list-container" ,

- Xhamster (TEST) - AUTO Delete Our Deleted Favs (videos/Users)
For Clean Collections, it auto delete our Deleted Favorites Video in our collection....
But yet, it is also useful (due of the technical Problem from Xhamster) to delete too all these Blank and inactive favs:
I clean my collections with its help!
It is fast on Firefox Quantum, but less in Chrome ( i don't know why...)

If you want an good auto pager script for Xhamster use:
Gm "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New" by machsix.

Actually (18.08.2021), there a problem to obtain it from GreasyFork (because it's minified...).
And if you have updated a previous version of it, it should be deleted by GreasyFork.

But don't worry, you can install it directly - go simply here (and show if a solution is found with GreasyFork):
Télécharger directement à partir d'ici[GitHub]
To use it, just choose "Autopager" in its settings popup.

"Xhamster Widescreen - New Design " Userstyle/Userscript Support it:
Some page don't work very well with "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New" but i have make some CSS to make them better.