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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-10-13

Works great! Would it be possible to add support for newgrounds.com?

Posted: 2021-10-15

I was going to say no, because it's infinite-scolling... but I already limit images-at-once because I added support for Pixiv's infinite-scrolling pages.

And I nearly apologized and said it couldn't work, because Newgrounds serves rate-limit errors at a very low threshold... but a slightly longer interval between images seems fine.

So apparently, yes, it would be possible, and now it's in the script. Just be aware that this will load from ALL of the thumbnails on a page. If you visit an artist with 2000 submissions, and scroll all the way down to their earliest works before clicking Swallow Gallery, this script will gradually create a page with thousands of full-resolution images.

Posted: 2021-10-16

Thank you so much! I've never understood why so many porn sites seem to never update their ui/browsing capability. You're doing gods work.

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