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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2022-08-03

The script breaks with video links on rule34.xxx, probably because video links are found under uswebm.rule34.xxx, instead of us.rule34.xxx like this script searches for. I was able to get videos to work by changing around the replace expression, but then images stop working. I'm not familiar enough with Javascript and whatever regex magic goes on in URLs to know how to make a conditional statement that detects whether the thumbnail goes to a video or an image.

Posted: 2022-08-06

can u teach me how to use it?

Posted: 2022-08-07

Apparently the key term is "positive lookahead." Which still required an extra `Array.map` pass, to continue using `typical_item`. There was no difference in image and video URLs. However, links to video files have a custom style, so their URLs can be changed with an empty anchor.

Thank you for the detailed report and direct fix.

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