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fastfrom Downloader: Download Video and Audio for free

This script has been deleted by a moderator and is not accessible to others. Reason provided is: "Report #19649 Report #20009". Please review Sleazy Fork's rules. If you believe the deletion to be in error, you can submit an appeal of this deletion. Do not repost this script; doing so may result in a ban from Sleazy Fork.

fastfrom Converter Button was deleted due to: Report #19649 Report #20009.

Appeal submitted by the author:

>You have to make that one script suit them all, if you are just going to make such simple canges.

where in the rules does it say i can only have one version of a script and not variations for different sites?

This is the weirdest and most arbitrary abuse of moderation i've ever seen on a code hosting site...

Are these plaintext scripts consuming too much of your hosting storage space?

As a result of this appeal, a moderator undeleted this script.

I will undelete the script, but the way your doing it is honestly so dumb.