Chaturbate Clean

removes all add's, sub-selector on the tab's, shows video if you have no access, full screen with chat

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Posted: 2021-05-04
Edited: 2021-05-04
The most recent breakage can be fixed by adding the following line between lines 506 and 507 in version 4.9 (the latest):
if (tags[n].getElementsByTagName("a").length == 0) {continue;}
Posted: 2021-05-06
When I copy and past the code I receive the following error

"eslint: null - Parsing error: Unexpected token error"

Sorry I am not too familiar with coding thanks
Posted: 2021-05-23
That worked! Thank you!
Posted: 2021-05-23
Hi Jack,

Could you copy and paste the fix with lines 506 and 507 attached. I have tried coping and pasting the solution but I receive an error.


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