Xhamster Try to Show Videos/favorites of Deleted Users [DEPRECATED]

Try (when it's possible) to Show Videos/favorites of Deleted Users (from USO, By Draly24 )

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Now , it's DEPRECATED , because the New Design of Xhamster break the script:
If some one find a new way to do that , tell it to us...

About Xhamster Helper - Spam user indicator + infos about DELETED Users :
It is just inform that some deleted user was viewable BEFORE (but NOT now with the New design of Xhamster).
But the SPAM indicator is always useful and should be updated.

v.9 : Change script name and description
Modify the script name (more accurate) - This script can't show private profile!
So "Xhamster Show Deleted Users (Videos/favorites)" became "Xhamster Try to Show Videos/favorites of Deleted Users"
That's is more close of its purpose:

Takes you to Deleted Profiles Videos (and sometime Favorites too) on xHamster when they are viewable (Not always , some profile are totally deleted , some others not...) .

Globally it add new-1.html at the end of the url

Its a TWEAK and update of:
xhamsterPrivateProfiles [USO Mirror]
I add 2 Small Buttons "vids" "favs" on the top left side for user profile pages.

Some TEST links in PasteBin:
Xhamster Helper - Viewable DELETED Users - test links

By example if you open this video:
you are redirect to this page " User not found":
At the to left ,you see the "V" (Videos pages) and "F" (Favorites) buttons provided by the script.
When you click on them , you go to its deleted user Video or Favorites pages (if available).

Example 1:

Example 2:
VIDEO PLAYER page : https://xhamster.com/movies/5468620/asian_teen_blowjob_huge_facial.html
Its NOT FOUND USER page: https://xhamster.com/users/malibog-by-nature

If you click on "V" button:
Its VIDEOS page : https://xhamster.com/users/malibog-by-nature/videos
If you click on "F" button:
Its FAV page: https://xhamster.com/users/malibog-by-nature/favorites/videos

USER VIDEO page LINK change 2017.05 :
- NEW link - https://xhamster.com/users/cutepenisboy/videos
- OLD link - https://xhamster.com/user/cutepenisboy/videos/new-1.html

FAV VIDEO page LINK change 2017.05 :
- NEW link - https://xhamster.com/users/kate79/favorites/videos
- OLD LINK - https://xhamster.com/user/video/kate79/favorite-1.html

ADD a "Favs" Button to see Favorits page, reduce their size, add @exclude
Correction for @include - Xhamster use https now...
Supp the "Pics" Button (not usable now)

You can use with it:
Xhamster Helper - Spam user indicator + infos about DELETED Users :
ADD an indicator next their User Name:
- TXT "SPAM" (aqua background) - Mark user with personnal watermak inside its videos
- TXT "SPAM" (yellow background) - Mark User which have only sponsored Watermark inside their videos (eg: " i meet this chick at slip.cc)"
I add Some extras:
- Green X = For viewable deleted User Profile (before NEW Xhamster Design)
- Red X = For not viewable User Profile