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A script that adds new features and useful tools to the image generator

Script made in Static Badge

Tested on Static Badge Static Badge

Lower versions are broken due to new interface update. Use script version v6 and up

link :

Functions :

Main Settings Box :

  • Auto-Save Button
  • Label that shows the total number of images generated
  • Label that shows the number of images that have been generated now
  • Button to Save configuration (Selected Model List, Script Functions)
  • Option to change Image Filter
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Saturation
  • Button "Press Enter to generate", this means that when you press the ENTER shortcut, it will generate image

Prompt Toolbox :

  • Button that show/hide Notepad
  • Button Undo and Redo (Useful for mobile users)
  • Prompt Weight Editing Feature
    • Button that adds and removes weights ()[]{}
    • Option to change the weight value
  • Button to Minify prompt (removes empty spaces after commas)
  • Button to Move the Selected Word left or right
  • Button to Bypass the Filtered Word
    • Parentheses Method (this function just adds () on each letter)
    • "\b" Backspace Method (Adds the special character which is the unicode code "U+0008")

Dynamic Prompts Box

  • Dynamic Prompts, see SD Dynamic Prompts Syntax Guide
    • You can add wildcard files from your computer or create one from scratch
    • Wildcards are saved in your tampermonkey's local storage
    • Available Dynamics Prompt syntaxes :
      • ✔️Variants
        • ✔️Basic Syntax
        • ✔️Weighting Options
        • ✔️Choosing Multiple Values
        • ✔️Custom Separator
        • ✔️Range of Options
          • ✔️Omitting Bounds
      • ✔️Wildcards
        • ✔️Basic Syntax
        • ✔️Wildcards in Variants
        • ✔️Variants in Wildcards
        • ✔️Nested Wildcards
        • Resolving Wildcards with Globbing
          • ✔️Basic Syntax
          • ❌Recursive globbing
        • ➖File formats
          • ✔️TXT
          • ❌YAML
          • ❌JSON
      • ❌Variables
        • ❌Immediate Evaluation
        • ❌Non-immediate Evaluation
      • ❌Parameterized Templates
        • ❌Basic Syntax
        • ❌Default values
      • ❌Whitespace and comments
    • Can be run from the console. Example "{your|text|here}".dynamicPrompts();

Tags List Box :

  • Complete Tags feature Dynamic XML Badge
    • With list sort button :
      • Normal
      • [A-Z]
      • [Z-A]
      • Random
    • Tag list view type :
      • Inline
      • Vertical
      • Grid
      • Floating Box
    • Option to choose tag list
      • (15 lists) [E621, Rule34,Danbooru and more...]
    • Type of search
      • Linear Search
      • Contains text
      • Equals
  • Save tags to favorites button & remove tags from favorites button (Makes favorite tags appear at the top of the tag list)
    • With button to show/hide favorite tags in the list
  • Show/hide wildcards button
  • When you search for wildcards in the prompt, the tag list will return what is inside that wildcard
  • You can switch the separator (Comma or Whitespace)

At the library :

  • Button to search images by index in the library
    • You can specify the limit of images to be shown (Max:150)

Other features :

  • The Generate button is always enabled so you can generate a new batch even if the current batch is still in the queue
  • Notepad to save your notes.
  • Checkbox that Keeps the images on the current page :
    • When enabled, there will be no batches of images. When an image is finished, it will be stored at the bottom of the current page (Useful to avoid updating the library too many times)
    • Added slider to change the number of image grid columns
    • Added button to clear list of stored images on current page
    • You can skip the image by clicking on the button where the image is being generated, it will continue generating, but will not be shown on the current page.
    • The script adds the image to a list of pending images, so you can exit or refresh the page and your image is still there.
  • Random prompt button (It simply takes the prompt from an image from your library)
  • Button to get the tagstring of a random image from Danbooru
  • Button to get the tagstring of a random image from E621
    • It creates a prompt from tags collected from a random post
    • Both with search input
    • Both prompts are in the following order: (Artists), (Character:1.4), (Species:1.2), General, [Copyright], Meta

Command Menu :

  • Set Script Loading Delay
    • Default : 1000
  • Set number of tags to be shown in the taglist
    • Default : 40
  • Manage the script Interface
    • Default order : "1,2,3s,4s,5s,6s"
    • You can disable the script interfaces just by not putting the numbers
    • If you want one of the script interfaces to be in the advanced box, just put "s" at the end
  • Edit Favorite tags
  • Reset Script Settings
  • Clear pending image list


  • When you point to a tag and click on it using "ctrl", the tag will be applied to the position where the text is selected.
  • Using "Ctrl" + Up in the prompt makes the keyword have more weight, "Ctrl" + Down decreases the weight
  • Press "Enter" to generate image, this function is optional, activated in the Main Settings Box

Note :

  • The script uses GM_xmlhttpRequest to load the tag list from google drive, the links can be accessed in the tag_lists variable
  • The tag list only loads if you are logged in to Google Drive, otherwise it will give an error
  • My script has fetch interceptors, so I will use unsafeWindow within these functions
  • When searching images in the index, sexyai's image selection would stop working, you will need to refresh the page. My script doesn't fix this, for now I don't know how to solve this.
  • My script has comments in Portuguese (it's a mess lol), and I'm also terrible at naming variables and functions in English.

The UI would look like this (v6.00) :


  • "I am Brazilian. I made this script as a hobby, because I use frequently and I thought about adding useful tools to the site and sharing it with you."