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Script syntax checking

New scripts are now checked for syntax errors and can't be posted if they contain any. This will eventually be applied to updates of existing scripts, then possibly deleting invalid scripts previously posted.

Let me know if see any problems with this.


  • edited July 6 [?]

    This now applies to updates of existing scripts.

  • The script syntax checker the site uses is backed by V8, and this means that syntax that may be valid in other contexts won't work. One example is E4X, specifically the use of CDATA blocks for string literals.

    Any scripts using E4X features will need migrate off them going forward.

  • Just curious how many scripts this affected.

    This is a good way to clean out the old, obsolete scripts.

  • This currently only happens on create/update. I have not yet run it on existing scripts to see how many are invalid.

  • To answer your question, there are 976 (2%) that have syntax errors.

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