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发布脚本时的recapture验证, 前两次必定过不了

发布脚本时的recapture验证, 前两次必定过不了, 但是google等其他网站的该验证就没有此种问题, 我很确信这是greasyfork的问题, 这个问题从我接触gf以来就存在, 请问是否会被解决 @mach6 @3142 maple , 而且如果脚本有问题(比如版本号警告), 忽略警告或更改后仍然会请求recapture验证, 真的是没谁了


  • edited March 22 Safari

    When we post a script, the site asks us to deal with a recapture task. However, The first two trials fail without exception, which does not appear on google and other sites. I'm quite sure that this is a common problem, and this problem exists ever since I began to post scripts on GF. Please fix it if you see this issue @JasonBarnabe

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