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How to add script to

I have created a script and pushed in Github, but how do i add it to i cannot find "add script" button?

opss: i found it.. but its very hidden.


  • It's the first link in your profile page on the main site.

  • @wOxxOm i would expect to find that button under "Scripts" clearly visible and not and not at the end of page :).

  • edited May 15 Chrome


    The profile link is at the top of the page.
    The "post a script" link is at the top of the profile.

    Anyway, I agree the link on the listing page could be moved to the top or removed entirely as it doesn't make much sense there at the bottom.

  • I feel there might been some misunderstanding regarding my previous comment, i mean "Add script"-button should be at the top of "Scripts"-tap.

    Having "Add script"-button inside profile doesn't make sense, misplaced. Iam expecting to be able to Add a script inside "script"-scope. Similarly creating a new "discussion" inside forum-scope.

    i hope i made myself clear :)

  • It is kind of hidden. The problem is that some people think "Add Script" is the way to install the script. So I make the brainiacs who can write scripts work a bit for it.

  • 😂

  • What about renaming the action to "Publish a new script"?

  • @wOxxOm that wouldn't be a bad idea and hard to confuse with @JasonBarnabe point.

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