nHentai to E-H Mover

Quickly cross-search any gallery, and move favourites back to E-H/EX.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2.1 2020-06-09 streamlined code, upgraded title filtering, fixed breaking bug
  • v2 2019-02-18 Now lets you search eh/ex directly from a gallery page.
  • v1.6 2018-11-07 Title changed so it sorts under nHentai instead of E-H. Screenshot added.
  • v1.5 2018-11-04 Disabled hyphen filtering, hyphenated word partials return zero results in otherwise sound query. Potential side effect: accidentally negated search terms where leading/trailing hyphens were used in gallery title.
  • v1.4 2018-11-04 Open gallery searches in new tab/window. Strip "," from titles. (caused searches to have quotes/exact matching, for some reason)
  • v1.3 2018-11-04 Move "english" to beginning of search, to ensure keyword limit is not reached before the language.
  • v1.2 2018-11-03 Now filters "!, ', {, }" from titles. Two keywords separated by removed characters will not become one keyword.
  • v1.1 2018-10-07 updated homepage url to https
  • v1.0 2018-09-27