Harem Heroes++ modified by 1121

Adding things here and there in Harem Heroes game.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.07.3 - fix event end
  • v0.07.2
  • v0.07.1 - added current quest button accessible everywhere
  • v0.07.0 - added event boss where player missing girls, timers for arena and daily missions everywhere to see
  • v0.06.17 - added Karole
  • v0.06.16 - updated harem to work current game version
  • v0.06.15 - wiki link fix
  • v0.06.14 - classes and rarities count
  • v0.06.13 - fixed bug in harem ppeared after todays update
  • v0.06.12 - fixed wiki link issues and wiki links for unrecruited girls
  • v0.06.11 - market restock issue fix
  • v0.06.10 - changes vor harem v2
  • v0.06.9 - encode fix
  • v0.06.8 - little changes in french spelling
  • v0.06.7 - rarity update
  • v0.06.6 - fixed wiki link for gay harem
  • v0.06.5 - added girls xp information and some calculation fixes for non english languages
  • v0.06.4 - tiny fix for non english UI users
  • v0.06.3 - added french translation
  • v0.06.2 - added spanish language
  • v0.06.1 - harem summary icon fixes
  • v0.06.0 - multi language engine for script, fixed haremettes kobans prices for nutaku and hh.com and stat points calculation
  • v0.05.5 - added affection cost money info
  • v0.05.4 - added updates what posted By hollo
  • v0.05.3 - Changed affection costs and money costs for 4th and 5th star(after 20th girl) and 1st-3rd star(after 100th girl)
  • v0.05.2 - Fixed harem green star issue
  • v0.05.1