Eza's Image Glutton

Redirects to high-res images on gallery sites, skipping past descriptions and comments

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  • v1.45.4 2024-05-29

    Added e6ai as an e621 clone. Re-fixed RedGifs.

  • v1.45.2 2024-05-27

    Fixed RedGifs with a double redirect. Added KnowYourMeme.

  • v1.44.10 2024-01-10

    Paheal URLs differ between Chrome and Firefox

  • v1.44.9 2024-01-08

    Fixed Paheal.

  • v1.44.7 2022-03-01

    Fixed SankakuComplex on ViolentMonkey.

  • v1.44.6 2022-03-01

    Fixed DeviantArt again. Fixed intermittent SankakuComplex errors. Added Safebooru subdomain for Danbooru.

  • v1.44.3 2022-02-12

    Fixed DeviantArt. Mostly.

  • v1.44.2 2022-02-03

    Fixed Danbooru.

  • v1.44.1 2022-02-02

    Fixed PutMe.ga.

  • v1.44.0 2021-11-21

    Added Booru.AllTheFallen.moe.

  • v1.43.0 2021-11-11

    Added PutMe.ga. Technically added Giphy.com.

  • v1.42.7 2021-07-18

    Added fallback for Furaffinity.

  • v1.42.6 2021-06-29

    Added minimum delay before redirect, to avoid Chrome ignoring some submission pages.

  • v1.42.5 2021-04-29

    Added R34Hub. General code cleanup: simplified verbose functions, removed irrelevant notes.

  • v1.41.2 2021-04-16

    One-character fix for Yande.re @include.

  • v1.41.1 2021-02-13 Added boorus: HypnoHub.net, Yande.re, Xbooru.com, Furbooru.org. Imgur "gifv" videos now redirect to plain mp4 files. Tumblr image pages should now redirect without looping.
  • v1.36.1 2021-02-06 Added TheHentaiWorld. Fixed Y-Gallery, surprisingly. Fixed new DOM-based etc.
  • v1.35.9 2021-02-06 Fixed Rule34.xxx. Added new DOM-based link selector function.
  • v1.35.8 2021-01-31 FurAffinity now uses Download link, so stories no longer redirect to their thumbnails. Some handling for new Tumblr URL formats.
  • v1.35.4 2020-06-11 Added RedGifs and GifDeliveryNetwork. @noframes for Tampermonkey users. Fixed small images on InkBunny and videos on Newgrounds. Automatic reload for Sankaku Complex. Avoid redirect in Gelbooru comments.
  • v1.33.2 2020-04-01 Fixed InkBunny for small images.
  • v1.33.1 2020-04-01 Added Megabooru. Added MyHentaiGalley. Updated InkBunny.
  • v1.31.13 2020-03-14 DeviantArt again.
  • v1.31.12 2020-03-11 Fixed how secondary Newgrounds images link to themselves.
  • v1.31.11 2020-03-11 Added booru: TBIB.org. Newgrounds posts with multiple images avoid redirecting, and those images link to themselves. Fixed Deviantart again. Fixed e621 redesign.
  • v1.31.6 2020-01-05 Fixed Nijie.
  • v1.31.5 2020-01-01 Adapted to new FurAffinity theme. Fixed DeviantArt again. Fixed some Twitter edge cases.
  • v1.31.2 2019-11-07 Fixed Pixiv yet again, working around a missing convenient object and terrible page design. Grab JSON and parse it directly.
  • v1.31.1 2019-09-24 Added GfyCat. New Pixiv URL format. New Twitter image URL format. Avoids redirects on "comment" links. Checks throttling on Paheal. HTTP / HTTPS to wildcard - still safe. String.match instead of indexOf.
  • v1.30.0 2019-06-30 Modified Safebooru @include masks. Added another booru.
  • v1.29.8 2019-05-20 Fixed Nijie.info. Fixed Tumblr /image pages. Fixed Twitter :large images.
  • v1.29.7 2019-04-19 Pixiv manga pages no longer redirect. Twitter images will be enlarged on "view image" / "open image in new tab."
  • v1.29.5 2019-03-18 Fixed Deviantart. Again.
  • v1.29.4 2019-02-03 Pixiv's intertstitial pages for offsite links now redirect automatically.
  • v1.29.3 2019-02-01 Un-fixed Gelbooru, because they fixed the thing I was fixing. Fixed missing Pixiv ugiora animation links on pages without descriptions.
  • v1.29.1 2019-01-29 Added Newgrounds. Fixed Deviantart in a way that should stick. Fixed Gelbooru in a way they might un-fix.
  • v1.28.2 2018-11-27 Fixed Deviantart, again.
  • v1.28.1 2018-10-08 Pixiv animations can now be downloaded as a ZIP file. Added support for Aryion.
  • v1.27.8 2018-08-31 "Fixed" DeviantArt. (New URL pattern.) Removed MP4s from filetype blacklist.
  • v1.27.7 2018-08-31 Fixed Danbooru.
  • v1.27.6 2018-08-03 Fixed Paheal again. Not my fault.
  • v1.27.5 2018-07-25 Fixed Paheal.
  • v1.27.4 2018-07-19 Pixiv animations no longer redirect to a still image. (Can't recreate the download link yet.)
  • v1.27.3 2018-07-18 Fixed infinite loop on Tumblr
  • v1.27.2 2018-06-22 Pixiv fixed, mostly. Sorry that took so long.
  • v1.27.0 2018-04-21 Added FurryNetwork. Fixed DeviantArt (pages without "download" option), YouHate.us, Luscious, & Derpibooru. Now avoids missing images on Uberbooru.
  • v1.26.11 2018-04-21 Fixed a redirect trap. Simplified redirect method.
  • v1.26.10 2017-09-30 Fixed HentaiFoundry galleries, which were stuck in a redirect loop.
  • v1.26.9 2017-09-20 Fixed InkBunny, fixed HentaiFoundry.
  • v1.26.8 2017-09-06 Fixed SankakuComplex and DeviantArt.

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