Unlimited Paginator Works

Makes any(?) page with a paginator on various Danbooru clones "bottomless"--blend pages together or separate each with a paginator.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2021.02.26 2021-02-26 Fixed Danbooru, removed Sankaku
  • v2018.11.08 2018-11-09 Fixed Danbooru pool listing
  • v2018.07.20 2018-07-20 Fixed Danbooru
  • v2018.04.21 2018-04-21 Added 100ms delay on appending pages to fix(?) Danbooru comment index
  • v2017.07.26 2017-07-27 Removed Gelbooru
  • v2017.03.19 2017-03-19 Fixed Gelbooru post/comment/tags index; other Gelbooru pages disabled
  • v2017.01.25 2017-01-26 Oops
  • v2017.01.20 2017-01-21 Fixed on comment pages containing tables
  • v2016.10.19 2016-10-20 Fixes /favorites on Danbooru
  • v2015.08.19 2015-08-20 Fixed on Gelbooru for searches with few pages remaining.
  • v2015.02.05 2015-02-06 Fixed bad main table matching for empty post index page, fixed pageBreak=true bug.
  • v2015.01.14 2015-01-14 Fixed second page being pushed down by the sidebar.
  • v2014.09.23 2014-09-24
  • v2014.09.23 2014-09-24