Danbooru Ajax Interface

New interface to search images on Booru-style sites.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v4.669
  • v4.66 - RIP censored images
  • v4.6
  • v4 - Code change, added a tag history, autocomplete list, simple blacklist
  • v3.141592653589
  • v3.14159265358
  • v3.1415926535
  • v3.141592653 - Fix webm for new Danbooru filenames
  • v3.14159265 - Small fixes
  • v3.1415926 - FIX: Keyboard shortcuts , note positioning, image resizing and code cleaning
  • v3.141592 - Flexible design, use left and right keys to navigate
  • v3.14159 - Webm support, partial ugoira support.
  • v3.1415 - Code cleaning, added cookies to all requests, CTRL+S to save image
  • v3.141 - Added cookies: Gelbooru
  • v3.14 - Note description stays on for a while after moving the mouse out of the note. Hide deleted posts.
  • v0.3 - Absolutely nothing :^)
  • v0.2.82 - Error: Exposing privileged or cross-origin callable is prohibited
  • v0.2.81