Increases the thumbnail size for Danbooru

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  • v1.25 2017-03-21 Added a fade in option and now the samples will attempt to load again on failure.
  • v1.22 2017-03-19 Because of recently added limits, better clamped the maximum downloading count and added a lazyload.
  • v1.20 2017-02-27 Large change. Options to load GIFs, Videos, and original images available. Samples now load on top of the standard thumbnails so you can see the previews before the load. Samples do not load until the preview is finished loading. Clamped the number of samples loading to 6 at a time to save CPU and so it doesn't strain the server.
  • v1.04 2015-12-01 Correct the position of video posts and hide the icon
  • v1.03 2015-11-18 Adds mp4 posts
  • v1.02 2015-11-12
  • v1.1 2015-11-12 Set ugoira posts to display their sample video
  • v1.01 2015-09-15 Mutes recently added 'video with sound' posts
  • v1.0 2014-11-29