Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + Lewd Extender

Extension for Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + for 18+ sites, allowing double-page spread viewing for halved images. Sites: Fakku, HBrowse, doujin-moe, hentai2read, luscious, wondersluts,hentaimangaonline, exhentai/g.e-hentai, pururin, hentai4manga, doujinshihentai, hitomi, nhentai, hentaihere, 8muses, Tsumino etc.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v11.17b6 - Fixed Tsumino.
  • v11.17b5 - Added Tsumino
  • v11.17b4 - Just a quick bit of button optimisation
  • v11.17b3 - Button Fixed. Also found a way to share your setting choice for disable. Ignore message in settings panel if it tells you it can't.
  • v11.17b2 - Added start button. Will be able to disable in future.
  • v11.17b - Added 8muses and HentaiHere
  • v11.17a - Fixed. Should now work. Was missing Jquery in meta
  • v11.17 - wrong version number
  • v1.01