Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + Lewd Extender

Extension for Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + for 18+ sites, allowing double-page spread viewing for halved images. Sites: Fakku, HBrowse, doujin-moe, hentai2read, luscious, wondersluts,hentaimangaonline, exhentai/g.e-hentai, pururin, hentai4manga, doujinshihentai, hitomi, nhentai, hentaihere, 8muses, Tsumino etc.

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Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode + Lewd Extender

This is the 18+ extension for Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode +, a modified version of Tago's script that adds choice of loading pages as double page (or more) spreads. Now those pesky images that have been halved can now be stuck back together.

Due to policy changes on this site, I have moved all the code required to get the script to run on 18+ sites into this extension. You will still need the base script to run this.

Version numbers correspond to those used by Tago in the original script. A letter will be added if there are multiple version based on the same script version. I will now only change the version number if I need to make changes to this script to match the contents of the update. If number isn't changed, it means the changes only affect the base.

Don't forget you need to dl Fluid Mode version (don't say I didn't warn you):

Original non fluid mode script by Tago:
(logged in only)

Support forum for Fluid Mode:
You can also post in the feedback section of the base script. Both should get you faster replies than posting here.

*If you dl'd 11.17, please make sure you upadated to 11.17a+. 11.17 is broken.

*Also not all sites that are FoOlSlide/FoOlReader baased should be supported already unless the site messed with the headers.(Easy to fix)