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Chaturbate OhMIbod driver

This script will play sounds depending on the tip amount that's given.
The script will use 4 mp3 sounds you can select on your own computer.

When a tip is detected there are 5 different options.

Tip < 15, tip times standard beep.
Tip 15-99, tip/2 secs. of tune 1 (7 - 50 sec.).
Tip 100-499, tip/3 secs. of tune 2 (33 - 166 sec.).
Tip 500-999, tip/4 secs. of tune 3 (125 - 250 sec.).
Tip 1000+, tip/5 secs. of tune 4 (200+ sec.).

The tunes you use should be slow for tune 1 up to fast for tune 5.
They play from the begin so there should be no intro.
Don't use too long music sounds (it will never play the end and it consumes memory).

It can be used in combination with the chaturbate OhMibod app's.

Playing the sounds takes some time and when many tips are given every tip will wait until the
previous tip is done (you can see a list of waiting commands).

When a sound is played it will send a message in the chat.

To start the driver you select on/off , it can only be switched on if all sounds are loaded.
If you switch it off again all sounds are stopped and the waiting commands are canceled.
Switching it on/off will also send a message to the chat.

It will send a promotion text to the chat every 1-5 minutes (can be switched off).
You can customize the text in real time.

if you're a spectator and not a broadcaster you can also use it in a demo mode (no commands are send to the chat and there are no promotion text options).

Tested in Firefox and Opera

Have fun

V1.3 , update for new chat system