Remove ads, enlarge video, add video download links, block popups and stops autoplay keeping buffering

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ExtendRedTube remove ads and change the look of RedTube for better usage.

Some of the cool features:

  • Download links available even when not logged in, links download directly from RedTube server, no services or link redirection, direct download
  • Blocks popups when you first click the site
  • Centre the video on the screen on load
  • Adds button and keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C on QWERTY) to centre the video again after you scroll
  • Works for flash and html5 player

RedTube Home Page Video Page Download Tab Thumbnails Tab

Comments appreciated. Suggestions too. Anonymous suggestions and bug reports for the shy
(If you're not shy, it's easier for me to check your comment here at GreasyFork).

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Opera Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Internet Explorer


  • Opera:
    • Right-click the Install button and save the file as theNameUWant.js in your userscripts folder
    • Check here how to setup the userscript folder
    • Install a userscript plugin like violentmonkey
    • Click the install button
  • Firefox:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like greasemonkey or scriptish
    2. Click the install button
  • Chrome:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like violentmonkey
    2. Click the install button and choose to install using the plugin NOT native Chrome
  • Safari:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like NinjaKit
    2. Click the install button
  • IE:
    1. Install a usercript activeX. The only I tested is IEPro.
    2. Click the Install button.
    3. Save the file in ProgramFiles*/IEPro/Userscripts as ExtendYouPorn.ieuser.js.
      *also for ProgramFiles(x86) in 64bit Windows.

Changelog (in UserScripts.org)

Version 4.2 (2014 April 14)
 +Middle click on thumbs open link in new tab
 *Porstars page weird
 *Popup blocker not working
 *Ads not removed

Version 4.1 (2014 March 05)
 +16:9 screen

Version 4.0.1 (2014 January 19)
 *Fixed wrong quote

Version 4.0 (2014 January 19)
 *Lot of changes to make it work again

Version 3.3 (2013 November 02)
 *Fixed non-clickable volume & fullscreen buttons

Version 3.2.2 (2013 July 07)
 *Fixed 'Center Video' button

Version 3.2.1 (2013 July 07)
 *Fixed missing CSS

Version 3.2 (2013 July 07)
 #New handling of CSS, faster injection
 +Popup blocker

Version 3.1 (2013 June 04)
 +Included other redtube domains: .org, .cz, .es, .fr, .it, .kr, .pl, .si
 +Center video for HTML player
 *HTML player wrong placement
 #New way to deal with ads, removed from the DOM

Version 3.0 (2013 June 03)
 #Total rework, no more jQuery, way more faster
 +Support for HTML player
 *Broken download links
 *Broken video tabs in Firefox
 *Broken video preview in video page

Version 2.1 (2013 February 13)
 +Included some instructions for download
 #New way to deal with ads
 #Little code rearrange

Version 2.0 (2013 January 22)
 +Button to center video in screen
 +Center video on page load
 #Thumbnail tab smarter, will check domains
 #Code optimization
 #jQuery updated to v1.9.0

Version 1.4 (2012 December 09)
 +New thumbnail tab
 #Larger related videos thumbs
 #jQuery updated to v1.8.3
 #@run-at removed

Version 1.3 (2012 November 30)
 *Some pages were not enlarging anymore

Version 1.2 (2012 August 18)
 *Fixed wrong if()
 *Video page now works in Firefox
 *Login bar now shows the background correctly in all browsers

Version 1.1 (2012 July 20)
 +Video Download links added in description
 *Login bar now shows the background correctly

Version 1.0 (Unknown)