Sadpanda Save/Export All Favorites

Load all favorites to the page and save it or just copy the textbox contents. Works on exhentai and e-hentai.

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Currently the website is alive and well but keep the delay between pages higher than 2000 or your pages & thumbnails might not load!
When the website is dying increase the delay to at least 5000 or more.

You can try this script instead if you only need the data (for parsing):

Tested on latest Firefox & Chrome with tampermonkey. (Other monkeys might also work).

This script appends all favorites from the current category/search to the page.
After it finishes loading, you can copy the text or save the complete page using Ctrl+S and save it as a .mhtml file (on chromium browsers) or use the "save complete page" option.
Some website downloaders may try to redownload the thumbnail images, which might not work because you can get rate limited.

  • If you enable the "load thumbnails on page load" option in the e-h settings, the output will include all thumbnails as well.

  • Don't change the view style in another tab while the pages are loading. (thumbnail view into list view or vice versa)

  • Chrome and some other browsers throttle background tabs so if you go to another tab it might prevent you from loading all the images. If you enable the playemptyaudio option this might not be needed.

  • Way to get a list of your Notes

Top text box inspiration and its code is from this old script. But this one won't have an import feature like that one (for now).
Used libraries: jquery, he.js and GM_webextPref for the preferences menu.
Also using the play empty audio method from E-Hentai-Downloader.
Many thanks to the authors.

Settings (You can change these in the settings menu)
Page Timer = 2500 ◀◀Waiting timer for each page. Making it shorter will break things.
Insert to Page = true ◀◀Insert other pages to this page's table. Set this to 0 if your browser crashes. You can still use the textbox to save them.
Play Empty Audio = false ◀◀Play empty audio while loading the pages. Enable this if you will be using your computer while waiting. It might prevent the tab from going into background mode and stop loading the pages.


Many thanks to all the archivers.
Nice to see that we are back.

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